Alleyroads Group and associated companies under which the share holding falls under the Group holding structure have implemented the following procurement policy and procedure for purchasing of all goods, materials, stock, fuel, equipment, this policy comes into effect as from the 1 January 2014/01/02.
All goods, materials, stock, fuel, equipment and or items procured for the use under Alleyroads Group and or associated companies must follow the following procurement policy as effective 1 January 2014, this is implemented in consultation with Alleyroads Group Auditors and compiles to requirements for SARS.


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Any and all items procured must have the following on each and every invoice/order/delivery or quote for both the purchaser and supplier:

- Company VAT number
- Company CK number
- Company address
- Address where stock is delivered or site it is delivered
- Order number and job number
- Name and signature of duly authorised person receiving the procured item, this can only either be the site manager, site foreman and or storemen manager. Security will not be allowed to receive stock not with any labour or sub-contractor.
All items procured must have a minimum of 3 quotes obtained, where 3 quotes cannot be obtained a formal reason as to why 3 quotes could not be obtained must be provided prior to the order been given.
All quotes must be obtained 7 days prior to any order been given and at least one of these quotes must be obtained from Alleyroads Supply or Alleyroads Supply subsidaries.
All orders are to be provided 48hrs prior to any collection of any procured item.
All invoice must be be submitted with in the month of the order and quote been obtained.
Alleyroads will only make payment on statement presentation and not on invoice.
Where the quote, order and invoice is not provided as supporting documents for the statement, payment for the batch will not be made.
All refunds are due prior to payment of the statement, these refund are linked but not limited to:
a. Equipment not delivered
b. Cement pallets
c. Fault items as noted on delivery
d. Items where the quote, order and invoice do not reflect the same amount per item procured.
No subcontractor shall be paid in cash and no labour shal be paid in cash, it is the duty of the labour and subcontractor to ensure they have a bank account, failing which Alleyroads cannot under take work with them.
All petty cash items will require a purchase order and order number, where petty cash is required or is to be used 24 hr during the week notice is to be given to the office to provide a purchase order, no petty shall be paid where a purchase order is not given.
All suppliers accounts will be verified against the CK/ID/IT or company registratino number, wher ethe registration number, vat number and or account details are not related no payment shall be made.
Any staff not adhering to this procurement policy shall be held liable accordingly and action will be taken.
Alleyroads shall retain a minimum 2% of all slab supplier payments until the surveyor general plans have been approved for such slabs.
Alleyroads shall charge any service provider R5000 per completion certificate where the supplier failed to provide such completion certificate/s within 48hrs upon written requested by Alleyroads.
No service provide may hold back any completion certificate/s or part thereoff due to non payment.
ALLEYROADS is accredited with Construction Industry Development Board ("CIDB") and National Home Builder Registration Council ("NHBRC") ratings.
ALLEYROADS is private-owned and proud to be a Level 3 BEE Contributor in terms of the DTI's Codes of Good Practice and the Construction Sector Charter.
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